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Natural remedies (Kayan mata)

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 Natural remedies (Kayan mata) Ebook(N1000)

Kayan literally means load, mata means woman in Hausa(women properties)  So basically, kayan mata are Sex enhancers, Sweeteners, aphrodisiacs(libido boosters) that help to spice up your sex life, and they will keep your husband running home from work to come and have a taste
Kayan Mata gives you and your spouse optimum and delicious sexual pleasure. With kayan Mata your stamina is sure and it stimulates and increases your libido for women that dont have the urge for sex). It also increase love and affection for your spouse. No man likes it dry and not fun

Kayan Mata is a northern aphrodisiac, a sex stimulant – ladies that have used it swear by it. It is a sex stimulant that enhances sexual pleasure and may make the philandering guy be faithful.
80% of the raw ingredients of Kayan Mata is made from herbs and honey. Kayan Mata is mostly found in the Northerns States of Nigeria such as Sokoto, Borno, Katsina,bauchi and has been of help to so many. Many marriages has crashed today because of poor performance
The secret to marriage is powerful intimacy with a man and his woman
It’s our marriages that are key to who we are and our happiness. We’d all agree that if we’re happy in our marriages, we have great sex lives and we’re connecting on deeper levels with those we love, then life is pretty damn good!
Over the past years we’ve, been helping people couples feel more confident, strong and inspired around all aspects of their sex lives.
We live in a society that’s pretty screwed up sexually, so many people are confused, misinformed and struggling with their sexuality. Which is such a shame because sex is a celebration of life and our sexual energy is our life energy. So we are here to help empower people to fulfill their sexual potential and experience all the love, connection and freedom that comes with a whole, healthy sexuality.
We have no need to judge or assess you, our only agenda is to enable you to turn around your sex life.
 Ancient herbal mixtures which are safe and natural as opposed to the harmful synthetic drugs they make which have adverse effects on your health. Do you know there is a natural ancient herbal solution to prevent pregnancy amongst married women
NOTE They're all natural remedies. All the items are natural herbs and fruits
And they're good enhancers which you can do yourself with the guide of this ebook
Married women this is a golden opportunity for you
Ladies hold your man tight!!! Add more swagger to your packaging, all cheating husbands must reverse,let him beg for more! Get this ebook
Take him to the highest level of excitement, Kayanmata herbs does the magic for you,turn your vjay to honey island, make him beg for more get this ebook
Bring out the Hotness in you. Let your man climax anytime he thinks of you in his office or when he is away from you. satisfy him beyond comprehension. Restore that sexual heat in your Relationship and Marriage. Get this ebook
If you want to add flavors & spices to your marriage this ebook is for you
If you're planning to get married soon this ebook is for you
If outside babes has hijacked your hubby this ebook is for you
If you are battling with vaginal,body  this ebook is for you
If you have low libido/ sexual arouse this ebook is for you
It’s high time you wake up and secure your homes & bring back your heartthrobs’ get this eBook
KAYAN MATA(Natural remedies) EBOOK
 Is educative! Informative!! Get yours now

· Sex sweetener
· Vagina lubricant
· V-fluid booster
· Low sperm count
· Itching penis and cleansing
· Erectile dysfunction
· Quick ejaculation
· Abdomen cleansing

· V-tightener
· V-infections
· V-odour
· Dry vagina remedy
· Booster drinks
· Attraction perfume
· chicken combo
· Sex sweetener powder
· Sex sweetener water
· Sexual feeling
· Follow follow
· Natural family planning
· eye problem cure
· Libido booster drink
· Tsumi combo
· Kunu Aya
· Butt/Hip enlarger
· Breast enlarger
· Breast mask
· Breast firming oil
· Breast enlargement cream
· How to tighten and firm up sagging breast in a week.
· Flat belly recipe
· Irregular mensuration
· Cleansing and dehydrating juice
· Liver cleanser
· Knowing your Rhesus factor
· Remedy for infertility
· Remedy for Impotency
· Remedy for Gonorrhea
· Bleeding after delivery
· Arthritis/Rheumatism remedy
· supplements for breast enlargement
· Hepatitis
· Coconut and turmeric drink
· Moringa leaves drink
· Pineapple skin drink
· Apple cider
· Liver disease
· Pelvic inflammatory disease, UTIs, Fibroids, Cysts, Lower abdomen pain and many
reproductive challenges as well as menstrual challenge etc.
· Treatment for malaria, typhoid, toothache, sleeplessness, quick delivery, worms and ear
Disease etc lots more
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