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how to prepare Nigeria dishes




Jellof rice
How to make nigerian jollof rice (party jollof Recipe) 2
Native jollof rice (palmoil rice) - iwuk edesi
Jollof spaghetti recipe

How to make spaghetti from scratch
Fried spaghetti
Fried rice 1
Fried rice 3
Nigerian fried rice
How to make curried rice
Coconut rice
(thailand coconut rice)
Shrimp coconut rice
Classic coconut rice
Thai rice with sauce
Banga rice
Dan wake (bean flour dumplings)
Boli (roasted plantain) - how to roast plantain At home
Gizdodo (gizzard & plantain) recipe
Yam balls - how to make stuffed yam balls
Yamarita "dun dun oniyeri" (egg coated yam)
How to make ojojo (water yam balls)
How to cook / prepare yams
How to prepare fried yam
How to prepare roasted yam
Hausa koko and kose (akara & millet
Suya + suya spice recipe
Homemade suya spice
Chicken suya recipe - how to make chicken suya at home
How to grill fish at home - grilled fish recipe
Pepper gizzard
How to clean and prepare snails a.k.a congo meat
Peppered snails
Salad varieties
How to make a simple fruit salad
Vegetable salad
Fruit kebab
Soup, stew and sauce
Bitter leaf (onugbu) soup
Bitter leaf soup
Bitter leaf soup
Black soup
Banga soup
Palm fruit soup (ofe akwu)
White soup
Ofe nsala "nsala soup"- white soup
Afang (okzi) soup 1
Ofe ukazi/ okazi soup recipe 5
Ogbono soup 1
Ofe owerri soup 2
Edikang ikong 3
Ewedu 1
Oha soup
Abak atama soup
Nsala soup {afia efere}
Sharp-sharp okro
Gbegiri soup recipe (beans soup) 2
Fried egusi soup
Egusi (melon) soup with ugu 5
Groundnut soup
Kuka soup {miyan kuka}
Pepper soup varieties
Ordinary pepper soup
Assorted eat pepper soup
Nigerian pepper soup recipe
How to make love shaped agidi / eko
How to clean and prepare live catfish (point
And kill)
Oxtail soup
Vegetable egg stew with fluted pumpkin "ugu"
Vegetable stew with smoked fish
Catfish stew recipe - how to make tasty catfish stew
Fish stew
Smoked panla fish stew
Garden egg sauce
Tomato egg sauce recipe
Ugba sauce (ukpaka sauce)
Corned beef sauce
Mixed vegetable sauce
Bacon and shrimp sauce
Assorted pepper sauce
Oil beans sauce
Pumpkin leaf sauce
Dried fish sauce
Palmoil sauce recipe
Lentils and veggies in peanut sauce recipe
Peanut pasta recipe
Swallow varieties
How to roll eba/garri "swallow"
How to make pounded yam in a blender 1
How to make pounded yam in a blender or food Processor 2
How to make pounded yam from scratch
How to make nni oka (cornmeal swallow)
Tuwo shinkafa - rice meal swallow
How to prepare wheat meal "swallow"
Types of Nigerian "swallow" for soup
Top 10 kitchen tools
Top 10 tips - become a better cook
How to take care of your pots & pans
Using flour as thickener in nigerian soups – best Practices
How to extract cassava fufu from cassava Tubers (yuca )
How to remove slime from snails
How to cut leafy vegetables faster
How to get smooth tomato puree without a Blender
How to make akamu, ogi or pap at home
Kanjika - nigerian jello like sweet
How to make suya spice (suya pepper)
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