Friday, 17 November 2017

Internet Parental Guidance


Do you know what your teenager/younger one is doing on that data enabled phone or iPad??* 

Don't be caught unaware. Pornography is available with just one click. 
How about social media? 
Do you have any control over how much time they spend on it when they should be studying or sleeping? I am sure you worry about these things even though you realize that they need these devices as a means of communication and even learning. 

But as good parents, we must protect the minds of our teenagers and children. I thought it was a joke when my pastor's wife told me that there is a mobile application that I can download, just like I downloaded WhatsApp. 

 I did not believe it could actually protect my son until I tried it out myself. I have visited and I have downloaded the parent app on my phone and the digital coach on my child's phone so that I can protect him from the dangers associated with the internet without completely taking his phone away from him. 

The application blocks out pornohraphic websites, gives me the power to set limits on the time he spends on social media, notifies me when he downloads a new app and lets me shut down his phone at bed time from my own phone! 

Ah the peace of mind that this brings is indescribable! My husband is extremely impressed.

May God bless the brains behind this. Lets keep an eye on our kids so that we don't regret it later o! The website is Their customer service was also fantastic. *Personally, I am impressed. 

If you care about our children, forward this to all your contacts ASAP.🙏
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