Saturday, 7 October 2017

Home remedies for chickenpox

 Ginger:
You can add ginger powder to your warm water bath. This will reduce
itching. Also for intake you can crush the ginger, boil it in water then
strain it and have the same.

 Marigold flower and hazel leaves:
In a cup of water add one tablespoon of marigold flower and hazel
leaves and soak it overnight. Grind it to make a paste and apply on the
 Green tea:
Prepare an herbal tea of chamomile, holy basil and lemon balm and have
it regularly.
 Carrot coriander soup:
This soup is beneficial in treating chicken pox. Cut them into pieces, boil
them in water. Then strain and allow it to cool. Drink this soup once in a
day for a month.
 Raw honey:
Regular application of raw honey to the rashes proves beneficial in
chicken pox.
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