Monday, 9 October 2017


 FreshLemonJuice: a simple, yet effective remedy in treating dark spots,
lemon juice can be rubbed on your dark spot two times a day. Allow the
juice to dry naturally and leave it on for half an hour. Apply lemon juice
for at least 2 months for getting good results.
 OnionTreatment: Slice a red onion and rub on the dark spots. The juice
of onion will impact its bleaching action and help lighten the dark spots
considerably. Apply onion two times a day and leave it on without

 DandelionRemedy; Pluck a dandelion and apply the sap that is oozing
from the stem on your dark spots. Continue this treatment until your
dark spots are visibly lightened and cannot be seen anymore
 AloeVeraTreatment: pluck an aloe vera leaf and dab it directly on the
dark spot every day. Constantine doing it and feel your skin evolving
into a fresh and glowing texture within days, along with removal of dark
spots almost completely.
 Hydrogen peroxide: application of hydrogen peroxide directly on the
dark spots will help in lighten them and removing them completely
 Glycerine: take an herbal cream that suits your skin well and a few
drops of glycerine into it. Mix it well into the cream and use the cream
every day for lightening the dark spots.
 Buttermilk and Honey: mix buttermilk along with honey to form a
thick paste and apply on the dark spots. Leave it for about 15 minutes
before washing it off to remove the dead skin cell that was accumulated
on top.
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